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Winter-to-Spring Conservation Tips

Admin  -   11:30 am  -   February 22nd, 2024

As the seasons change and the weather becomes unpredictable, your home comfort and savings shouldn’t be. Reit Energy Co. can help you transition smoothly with these winter-to-spring conservation tips to help you save money the Reit way.


  • Schedule an AC tune-up: An AC tune-up increases your chances of a flawless cooling season, and a decrease in energy consumption. Don’t wait until the temperatures feel like summer to schedule one!

  • Consider upgrading your AC system: An AC tune-up can also help determine whether it’s time for an upgrade or not, which is another reason why you should schedule one in advance. New air conditioning systems use significantly less energy than models that are over 10 years old. We offer a variety of high-performance cooling solutions, just Reit for your home and budget.

  • Clean/replace air filters once a month: Clean filters ensure optimal airflow and air quality. Clogged air filters can cause a spike in energy bills and unexpected repairs, and it’s important to keep them clean.

  • Seal gaps in your windows and doors: No matter the season, air escaping makes your home comfort system work hard to keep your home comfortable. Sealing gaps where conditioned air can escape allows for even temperatures and reduced energy bills!


From home comfort system maintenance and installations, to service plans and financing for new equipment, Reit Energy Co.’s experts have all the tools needed to help you with the transition from winter to spring. For more information on our services and conservation tips like these, visit our website or contact us.



Conservation Tips