At Reit Energy Co., our business is keeping your home cozy and comfortable, and fuel is the heart of that business. So, to keep our business running smoothly, we sell nothing but the best — premium-quality heating oilpropane and ultra-low sulfur diesel — the fuels you and millions of other Americans rely on to heat their homes and drive their businesses in the 21st century. 

Although Reit Energy Co. specializes in home heating oil, we aren't fuel-biased; we recognize the benefits and uses of numerous other fuels as well. While propane is for everything from heating homes to grilling burgers, ultra-low sulfur diesel powers the tractors that plow our fields and the big rigs that bring goods to market. In other words, whether you know it or not, all of these fuels play vital roles in our everyday lives. That's why Reit Energy Co. is proud to deliver each of them to you. 

To learn more about heating oilpropane and ultra-low sulfur diesel and the specific fuel delivery services we provide, please follow the links on this page.