Before getting dressed in the morning, most people check the weather — either by turning on the TV, using an app on their phone, or just by taking a quick look outside. We plan ahead, so that we're not left shivering in the cold or sweating out the heat. In that regard, a service plan is like a weather check for your whole home.

Reit Energy Co.'s service plans provide comprehensive coverage, preventive maintenance and year-round peace of mind so you won't have to worry about whether or not your home comfort equipment is ready to handle the winter cold or summer heat. To meet all of your home comfort needs all of the time, Reit Energy Co. offers service plans for heating equipment (boilers and furnaces), air conditioners, heat pumps, and hot water heaters. 

Coverage differs depending on whether you purchase a Silver Plan or a Gold Plan. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you pay for service as you go, you never know when a big, expensive bill will come. Customers who need only a tune-up one year can have three or four service calls the next. Our service plans eliminate these ups and downs and allow you to rest easy, knowing we'll be there quickly whenever you have a problem.

Every system should be tuned up once a year. (It saves you up to 10% on your energy costs and prevents other problems from developing.) Our normal tune-up costs approximately $199, but it's included in both plans.

Now consider what happens if your system needs repairs. Including labor, a burner motor can cost over $250. A blower motor can run twice that much. A new circulator will set you back over $650, a zone valve $620, and a triple aquastat can run as high as $800. If any of these repairs are done after normal business hours, labor costs climb to time and a half.

Our service plans cover all of this and much more. For about the price of one cup of coffee a day, you can eliminate worrying about virtually anything that can go wrong with your heating system.

It depends on the level of protection you desire. Our Silver Plan includes many items that typically need repair, and you never pay for overtime labor on emergency calls, or covered parts, no matter when your system breaks down. Our Gold Plan does all that and more, covering just about anything that can go wrong with your heating system, including some very costly items. Please contact us to receive detailed information and current pricing for each plan.

Yes. We maintain a full-time staff of highly trained technicians who continually attend courses to stay up-to-date with the latest technology.

Yes, although there is very little our Gold Plan doesn't cover.

No. You're paying only for the parts your system has. For example, a furnace system has a blower that sends hot air through the vents, while a boiler has a circulator that sends hot water through pipes. The price of the plan takes this into account.

Yes. You can make convenient monthly payments through our budget plan.

Yes, we're experts at it. And when you get our air conditioning plan along with a heating plan, you save $50 on the air conditioning plan.

We offer a Tank Protection Plan for the repair and replacement of oil tanks, which includes reimbursement for cleanup costs in the unlikely event of an oil release. You can find this plan on the back of our heating service plan.

Just call 215-957-5900, fill out the form on the contact page or send us an email.

Please don't wait until you have a problem and face a big bill. Take care of this now, so you can rest easy all year long. If you have any questions, call us at 215-957-5900.